A German MP calls on the government to stop supplying weapons to Israel

German Member of Parliament Sarah Wagenknecht called on the government to stop arming Israel against the backdrop of war crimes in the Gaza Strip, considering the continued arming of Israel as “its indirect involvement in these crimes.”

The representative said, “It is considered great hypocrisy for international humanitarian aid to be regulated on the one hand, and Western countries to supply weapons to continue killing women and children on the other hand.” This is at least indirect complicity in war crimes committed by the Israeli government.”

She demanded that the Bundestag make a decision next week on whether to continue supplying German weapons to Israel.

She explained that Germany’s historical responsibilities include not only supporting Israel, but also the need to “bring some logic to the out-of-control Israeli government.”

She stressed that “the fact that the Israeli army targeted international aid workers who wanted to feed the hungry must have consequences.”

She stressed the need to stop the killing of civilians in the Gaza Strip and stop the Israeli army’s attacks on neighboring countries. (Russia Today)

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