Three reasons behind the fluctuation in Kylian Mbappe’s performance recently

– L’Equipe newspaper enumerated three reasons that affected, in one way or another, the level shown by French striker Kylian Mbappe, the Paris Saint-Germain player, in the recent period, as he showed an inconsistent performance in the matches he played with his club or even with the Roosters national team against Germany.

The first reason is related to Mbappe’s lack of mental concentration, who has been suffering from mental distraction since he announced his decision to leave his club at the end of the season, and the controversy it sparked and the allegations it left behind on him and the team, especially since he preferred not to reveal the identity of his next club.

The second reason is related to the irregularity of his presence in the team’s starting lineup after coach Luis Enrique decided to exclude him from most of the local league matches in order to maintain his physical condition for the Champions League matches in order to avoid draining his energies. However, this decision resulting from the decision of his departure may backfire in the confrontation against Barcelona.

The third reason relates to the effects of the injury to his ankle that he suffered against Brest, which had its effects on his fitness and physical readiness, especially since he suffered a health problem after that in the Monaco match, which forced him to leave the field after he no longer took risks in the tackle, so that everyone could be sure that the player was not physically ready and needed to Passive rest for recovery.


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