A draft resolution to protect miners and cryptographers

Progressive Member of the Texas House of Representatives, Cody Harriswith a bill aimed at making the legislature welcome the bitcoin economy in the state.

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where encouraged Harris In his March 21 decision, Texas lawmakers expressed their support for protecting individuals who develop on the Bitcoin network, as well as crypto miners and Bitcoin clients operating in the state.

The state representative added that Texas’ constitutional rights regarding “all unreasonable seizures or searches,” should extend to attempts to override residents’ holdings of digital assets:

“Individuals mining in the state will not be prevented by any law or resolution that would restrict the security of the Bitcoin network, for the safety of the virtual currency,

Those who have chosen to own Bitcoin as a way to store their wealth and transact peer-to-peer, as well as other law-abiding citizens, should always feel free and secure in their ownership and use of Bitcoin.”

Texas: Draft Resolution to Protect Miners and Cryptographic Professionals

It is worth noting that the aforementioned House of Representatives decision, if adopted, will not apply to Texas laws and regulations, but it will express a certain trend among legislators.

The decision cited the Chinese government’s crackdown on crypto miners, a move that prompted many companies to relocate to Texas.

Companies are like Riot Platforms AndCore Scientific AndWhite Rock Managementamong some of the companies that have set up operations in the state.

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In turn, some lawmakers at the federal level criticized the regulatory decision, which appears to be loose in Texas, because of the potential environmental impact caused by the energy consumption of mining companies.

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