Almarai shareholders approve the distribution of 10% cash dividends for 2022

During the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting, the shareholders of Almarai Company approved the recommendation of the Board of Directors to distribute cash dividends for the fiscal year 2022, at a rate of 1 billion riyals per share, equivalent to 10% of the capital.

The company said in a statement on “Saudi Tadawul”, today, Wednesday, that the eligibility will be for the shareholders who own shares on the day of the assembly and are registered in the company’s shareholder register with the deposit center at the end of the second trading day following the maturity date.

Dividends will be disbursed and transferred to the bank accounts linked to the portfolios of the eligible shareholders, as of April 17, 2023.

The shareholders agreed to purchase the company for a maximum of 10 million shares with the aim of allocating them to the company’s employees for the employee stock program, and the purchase will be financed through the company’s own resources.

The net profit of “Almarai” increased by 12.55% in 2022, to 1.76 billion riyals after zakat and tax, compared to 1.56 billion riyals in 2021.

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