Fuel prices in Lebanon today

Fuel prices in Lebanon today

Fuel prices in Lebanon today, according to the schedule announced by the Ministry of Energy, are as follows:

Fuel prices in Lebanon today

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Fuel prices in Lebanon continue to rise day after day to record unprecedented numbers. The main reason for this rise is the rise in global oil prices as a result of the war between Ukraine and Russia, which directly affected the supply and demand market. The crisis in Lebanon is compounded by the collapse of the exchange rate of the lira against the dollar.

The Lebanese market is witnessing a steady rise in the price of the black market dollar, affected by the political situation, the government stagnation, and the great differences between the political parties.

Residents in Lebanon complain about the increase in their cars’ consumption of gasoline since the fuel crisis began last summer. Speculation about the causes is on the tongues of many people, between those who say that there is gasoline in the water, and those who attribute it to the octane ratio of the gasoline, or to the quality of imported gasoline.

My car consumes a lot of fuel, the village road is still the same, but the amount of fuel needed has changed, I can’t believe my car spends all this amount for small distances. This complaint is repeated, in various forms, on the tongues of the Lebanese, expressing the presence of an additional crisis in addition to their basic crisis of securing gasoline. We can add to it observations from car repair workshops, whose owners confirm that, after the shortage of gasoline in the summer of 2021, and when dismantling the fuel pumps and tanks in cars, the presence of various substances in the form of black grease that blocks the injectors or the minute fuel channels in the engines.

Fuel prices in Lebanon today

Fuel prices are directly affected by the dollar exchange rate on the black market in Lebanon, moment by moment

The many fluctuations in fuel prices directly affect the lives of the Lebanese people

The Lebanese citizen suffers from the high price of gasoline, diesel, and gas, which are directly related to the exchange rate of the dollar

The rise in the prices of oil derivatives burdens the Lebanese, as these materials enter into every detail of the life of the Lebanese citizen

No one can dispense with domestic gas, and the price of a bottle of gas in Lebanon has reached fantastic levels

As for gasoline, unfortunately, the citizen cannot do without buying it because he depends on it in all his movements

Especially since Lebanon does not have a public transport plan and most Lebanese depend on their own cars

The people have quenched the flames of private generator bills, whose bills are linked to the price of diesel

The biggest problem is that diesel oil is missing in the market and is entered as a basic type on the black market

It is noteworthy that Lebanon has witnessed, since November 2019, a financial and economic crisis that places it among the 10 worst global crises and perhaps one of the three most severe crises since the mid-nineteenth century.

In the absence of any solution horizon, the World Bank warned last June.

With this crisis, the prices of commodities rose insanely, especially after the dollar exchange rate rose to touch the threshold of 25,000 Lebanese pounds.

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