Learn about the new Ethereum upgrade “Shabela”

A community awaits Ethereum (ETH) The new upgrade Shapella (Shanghai) on April 12 eagerly, which is scheduled to include one of the most important developments in the Ethereumsince the merger that occurred in September of last year.

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where it counts as a promotion Shapella Bringing a large number of benefits to the network Ethereumincluding the ability to withdraw assets from Beacon Chainplus a staggering $30 billion in network availability, which is a lot of cash.

On the other hand, the other main feature of the upgrade Shapella, It is the expected reduction in gas fees, which will attract more developers to the system.

Learn about the new Ethereum upgrade, Shabella

In turn, the co-founder and CEO of the company RockX, Chen ZhulingHe revealed his thoughts on the promotion on April 10, when he said:

“It’s a promotion Shapella An important milestone for Ethereumwhere you will pay technology blockchain towards achieving its goal of becoming a more scalable and effective platform.

From a technical perspective, it is less challenging since the groundwork was laid during the merger last year, and the new upgrade is set to enable unique features based on the new architecture.”

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In other words, it will be an upgrade Shapella Another turning point for the system Ethereumwith a set of important features, which are sure to attract more users and investors to the network.

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