OKEx will recover $157 million of frozen FTX assets

Major stock exchanges and their affiliates are trying to work to bring back millions FTX FTX Frozen, so that they can finally deal with creditors and depositors.

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Where is the platform reported ok x OKX Cooperates with Bursa FTX FTX and a company Alameda To return the frozen assets worth 157 million dollars, as issued by the company Okcoin affiliate, issued a statement saying it would return $8.2 million.

On the other hand, these statements come after the debtors have done a corporation FTX FTXfiled an application in the US bankruptcy proceedings, which included the approval of the stock exchange ok x OKX On the transfer of assets, she said Okcoin That court decision is likely to come in the coming weeks.

And it was my stock exchange ok x OKX AndOkcoinThey have identified assets FTX FTX In the accounts of their company after the collapse of the latter, and by immediately freezing the assets, pending the court’s decision.

OKEx will recover $157 million in assets

Information about the bankruptcy of “FTX”

Crypto exchange advanced FTXfiled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on November 11, 2022, after failing to honor customer withdrawals due to a cash crunch.

Other related companies also filed for bankruptcy, including FTX.US FTX.US AndAlameda Research.

After the founder of the stock exchange was arrested Sam Bankman-FriedHe was charged with eight counts of financial and electoral fraud, which included: electronic fraud, commodity fraud, and money laundering.

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The investigation revealed that FTX FTX It jumbled corporate and client money, and executives had taken out loans from these funds to finance luxury real estate and political donations.

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