One of our planes had an accident at Khartoum Airport before leaving Riyadh

The media center of Saudi Arabian Airlines said that the company’s Airbus plane had an accident at Khartoum International Airport before taking off, heading to Riyadh, on Saturday morning.

The center added, in a statement posted on “Twitter”, that it was decided to suspend all the company’s flights to and from Sudan until further notice.

He explained that the company’s work teams are working with all relevant authorities, led by the Saudi embassy in Sudan, to obtain more information about the accident.

Currently, the sports city area in Khartoum state and the city of Marawi in northern Sudan are witnessing military clashes between the armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces, in which explosions, exchanges of fire, and plumes of smoke were heard.

No statement has yet been issued by the army or the Rapid Support Forces regarding the military, security and political field developments in the country, at a time when the clashes reached close to the headquarters of the General Command of the Armed Forces and the presidential palace, while the battles caused traffic disruption in Khartoum state. Fears and risks have increased.

The army forces took control of the airport in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, and the airport in the northern city of Meroe.

In its statement today, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed Saudi Arabia’s deep concern over the state of escalation and military clashes between the army and Rapid Support forces in the sisterly Republic of Sudan.

The Kingdom called on the military component and all political leaders in Sudan to give priority to the language of dialogue, restraint and wisdom, and to unite the ranks in a way that contributes to completing the consensus that has been achieved, including the framework agreement aimed at reaching a political declaration, according to which political stability, economic recovery and prosperity will be achieved for Sudan and its brotherly people.

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