Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. opposes the Vedenau artillery system.

oppose the presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy JrThe Federal Reserve Payments System FedNowallegedly paving the way for a central bank digital currency.

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Where the democrat was launched Robert F. Kennedy Jr (Nephew of the former president John F. Kennedy) raised the alarm over central bank digital currencies recently, describing them as the ultimate mechanisms of social control, and questioning claims by the Federal Reserve that Vednau FedNow It will not be used to facilitate central bank currencies:

“The claim that FedNow Not the first step towards a central bank digital currency, it would be easier to understand, in case we were not aware of the ongoing barrage of hostile criticism against cryptocurrencies by the Joe Biden administration.

United States: Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. opposes the Vedenau gun system

He added that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin Bitcoingiving the public an escape route when this bubble steadily bursts, claiming that the Joe Biden administration has been colluding with the bankers, to keep everyone trapped in a bubble of profit and control.

Worth noting, that RFK Junior He had submitted his candidacy documents on April 5th, and he was critical CBDC Central Bank Digital Currencyindicating last week that it would lead to financial slavery and political tyranny.

In turn, the Federal Reserve played down the importance of talking about the possible system being merged with a central bank digital currency, as it made clear on April 8 that no decision had been taken to issue a central bank digital currency, and that it would not do so without clear support from Congress. and executive power.

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This is considered FedNow A 24/7 real-time payments system, set to be launched in July, aims to speed up transfers between financial institutions and businesses, while providing a government-backed alternative to similar networks provided by the private sector.

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