Is bitcoin safe to invest in 2022?

Is bitcoin safe to invest in 2022?

Is bitcoin safe to invest in 2022?

Is bitcoin safe to invest in 2022?

Bitcoin has grown in popularity over the past several years,

as investors scramble to get involved in the digital currency market, but there is always a lot of controversy surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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It does not generate large returns, and from here an important question arises, which is how to start investing in Bitcoin in a safe way?

Nobody knows what the future holds for Bitcoin as there are extreme price fluctuations,

and not everyone can afford the risks involved in investing in cryptocurrency,

however if you are determined to invest in Bitcoin,

there are ways to reduce your risk to protect your money better, you will We will review them for you in the next lines.

Tips for investing in bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are an exciting and attractive market for investors,

because they promise to achieve wealth in a short period,

but in return, they are full of risks and volatility.

And the American “inspiration feed” website says in a report that anyone excited about starting the journey of investing in cryptocurrencies should see a set of simple rules that must be adhered to,

to avoid loss and shocks, and increase profit opportunities.

The first rule when investing in cryptocurrency is to only risk what you are willing to lose
Consider the security aspects
Think about your investment strategy
Beware of selling under pain of fear
Diversification is the biggest gain
Beware of scams
Never stop searching and reading

Is investing in bitcoin better than gold?

The development of technology has reached almost many areas of life and has become more advanced,

up to the regular cash payments can be made from your home and in complete comfort through digital banking services.

Therefore, it can be said that everything has become digital.

In 2009, Bitcoin appeared.

The idea of a technically secure encrypted digital currency has had great attractiveness to the general public and since then it has been on the minds of many investors, and in 2020, and with the beginning of the Corona crisis,

and the effects of the movement of people towards safe assets or safe havens, including encrypted assets that were placed in baskets with gold.

Is bitcoin safe to invest in 2022?

In an opinion poll conducted by Al Jazeera Net on social media,

the vast majority expressed their belief that investing in digital currencies is not safe,

ruling out the decision to enter this type of investment.

This comes at a time when Bitcoin – the most famous and most powerful in the world – jumped to record levels of more than 61 thousand dollars,

before returning to descend according to a series of repeated fluctuations.

3,791 people participated in the survey regarding their attitude toward investing in digital currencies.

3 questions were asked:

Do you think investing in cryptocurrency is safe?
Thinking of investing in Bitcoin and other digital currencies?
Do you think bitcoin can reach $100k?
Bitcoin hit a record high of $61,781 last Saturday

but has since fallen as investors consolidated their gains, and amid India’s plans to ban cryptocurrency trading.
Were the cryptocurrency owners right?
Who benefited from digital currencies in the war in Russia and Ukraine?

The most popular digital currency on Wednesday (March 17) recorded 55,415 dollars, according to a Reuters report.

Is investing in digital currencies safe?

And 74.8% of the participants in the Al-Jazeera Net survey said that they do not believe that investing in digital currencies is safe, while 25.2% expressed their belief that entering the world of digital currencies is safe.

And participated in the answer to this question 1287 people.
One participant commented that investing in cryptocurrencies “is not safe at the moment, because they will fall at any time… (there are risks).”

Another commented, “For the time being, not yet.” A third said, “It is not safe, and it has serious economic and social repercussions.”

We brought this question to Talal Samhouri, investment manager at Aventicum Capital Management, based in Qatar,

and his answer was: “In my opinion, investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is not safe.”

In the event of a digital currency that is not controlled or monitored by the central bank, the entire economy becomes in danger

Samhouri attributed this to several reasons, including that “these currencies do not have an actual value or any stock of value – and this is one of the basics of any currency – but rather determines this value (in the current situation) based on supply and demand.”

He explains that for any currency to be classified as an actual currency,

it must be characterized by 3 basic things: to be a store of value,

to be an accounting unit, and to be reciprocal between members of society.

Samhouri adds that in the case of digital currencies, they have an arithmetic number,

but it fluctuates, and this affects global trade, noting that less than 1% of this trade is through digital currencies.

Samhouri: There is no widespread acceptance of the use of digital currencies due to the fluctuation of their price (Al-Jazeera)

Is bitcoin safe to invest in 2022?

Among the reasons that Samhouri lists for the lack of widespread acceptance of the use of digital currencies are the fluctuation in its price between a strong rise and a strong decline.

He says that the central banks resist these currencies and do not recognize them,

because the main objective of these banks is to maintain the monetary policy of the state and direct the countries’ economies towards achieving steady and sustainable growth.

He warns that in the event of a digital currency that is not controlled or monitored by the central bank, the entire economy becomes at risk,

and this affects growth and members of society, and thus negatively affects the entire state.

Samhouri indicates that central banks are looking to find an alternative to these digital currencies,

which are recognized and linked to the state’s currency, and monitored in terms of supply and demand levels.

is bitcoin safe to invest in 2022?

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