The Cocoin exchange account on Twitter was hacked and users were subjected to losses

Blockchain analysis firm reported PeckShieldAlertThe platform’s Twitter account has been hacked KuCoinand the hackers managed to steal approximately 8.7 Ethereum ETHvalued at approximately $16,000, plus 0.235 Bitcoin BTC, Worth about $6,500.

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Where announced Cocoin KuCoin Earlier, her Twitter account was hacked for about 45 minutes, starting at 00:00 on April 24.

Which led to loss of assets for several users, and incurred KuCoin Take full responsibility for the hack and fake activity resulting from the process, and undertake to compensate affected users for any verified losses incurred.

Cocoin Exchange's Twitter account was hacked

Note that the account has been hacked KuCoin On the Twitter platform only during this incident, the exchange responded immediately and took the necessary steps to regain control of the account, with the help of official Twitter support.

Although there 2FA two-factor authentication On the Twitter platform, only the team KuCoin It is implementing more security measures to enhance the protection of their accounts on social media, and the team is also working with Twitter to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and prevent any similar incidents in the future.

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Finally, the exchange said it would continue to provide updates on the progress of investigations, and advised users to refrain from opening any links impersonating its official website.

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