The Dubai Museum of Non-Fungible Symbols is officially launched on the “The Sandbox” platform

The Metaverse Arts Museum has announced the launch of The Sandbox on Metaverse, where the new museum will display artwork based on non-fungible tokens (NFT) and allow artists to communicate with each other.

The Dubai-based creative team, backed by international players such as CGI and Metaverse Fundraising Ltd, aims to provide support to creative projects and artists across the MENA region, by providing a platform that allows them to showcase their artwork in the global art scene. .

The virtual museum will also act as a community hub, hosting a variety of events and activities for visitors to attend and interact with, including workshops, charity shops, exhibitions and interactive games. In addition, the museum will include several floors dedicated to artists, where they will be able to rent to display their works and products.

In addition to the above, the Digital Museum has entered into a partnership with a charity fundraising organization based in the United Kingdom, as the museum will use its spaces to raise awareness towards several charitable causes, according to the announcement.

The new project aims to help registered charities by providing them with two dedicated levels of the digital museum to display their non-fungible tokens, and the announcement said that proceeds from sales will be transferred directly to the charities, which will help them support their campaigns and projects.

Dubai-based artist Ashraf Ghori, known for producing the UAE’s first sci-fi film, Xero Error, has been included in the digital museum as an ambassador for the arts.

“This innovative concept will really change the way we think about digital art and the role of museums in the digital age,” said Ghauri, commenting in this regard. The Metaverse Arts Museum will help bridge that gap.”

The launch of the new digital museum comes at a time when global activity in the non-fungible token market appears to be starting to recover. According to the latest report from market tracking platform DappRadar, trading volumes of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) reached $2 billion in February, the highest Number since leading up to the May 2022 Terra, UST, and LUNA collapse

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