The Winklevoss Brothers are looking to establish a global headquarters for Gemini in the UK

The two brothers look on Winklevoss winklevossto the United Kingdom, to establish their crypto empire, amidst a hostile climate in the United States.

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Where the founders of the cryptocurrency exchange revealed Gemini, Tyler AndCameron Winklevoss winklevossThey have met with officials of the Financial Conduct Authority and the Bank of England, and are studying sites to focus investments Gemini in the country.

It’s hard to get anything done in the United States

said the two brothers Winklevoss winklevoss for a newspaper The Telegraphthat there are so many headwinds right now that it’s hard to get anything done, they blame the US regulator’s hostile approach to cryptocurrency:

“In order to continue building our business and investing in hiring, we have to look elsewhere.”

On the other hand, the two billionaires revealed that they are looking forward to investing heavily in the UK:

“Whether you want to call it second headquarters or global headquarters, we look a lot at places like the UK, and understand how to invest more here.”

Gemini will not leave the United States

Not intending to twin Winklevoss leaving the United States, despite active growth outside the country’s borders, they said:

“We will continue to fight there, but we also understand that you can vote with your feet (using personal freedom to decide to walk away from a situation, product or service) and this is our right and we will do so when we face a hostile environment.”

Finally, the twins warned that they have some reservations regarding the inconsistent stance towards cryptocurrency firms in the UK, highlighting a recent report from MPs, which compares the sector to gambling.

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The two billionaires, who sued Mark Zuckerberg On Facebook, they expressed their concerns about this discrepancy, as they look to continue to multiply this market.

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