Women prefer long-term cryptocurrency investments, but are less secure investors, study finds

While there is a significant gap between male and female digital asset holders, female investors are more willing to invest in cryptocurrency for the long term than men, according to a recent survey.

In KuCoin’s Women’s Day 2023 survey, which included the views of 577 cryptocurrency investors within cryptocurrency exchange communities, 52% of female investors said they held the cryptocurrency “HODL,” which is higher than the percentage registered among male investors (38%).

When asked about the reasons for investing in cryptocurrency, 44% of women believe that the new asset class is a great source of side income and leads to wealth creation. Meanwhile, only 36% of male investors said the same.

Source: KuCoin Women’s Day Survey Report 2023

The cryptocurrency platform commented on it, in its blog, where it said:

“This survey indicates that female investors tend to invest with a long-term mindset, and the entry of more women into the cryptocurrency market may contribute to market stability.”

In addition to Web 3.0, women investors are also interested in investments related to decentralized finance (DeFi) and artificial intelligence (AI). According to the report, 41% of shareholders are investing in DeFi projects, while 38 % is interested in AI related projects. records

Source: KuCoin Women’s Day Survey Report 2023

However, only 35% of women cryptocurrency investors say they are “very confident” in their investments, compared to 47% of men who hold cryptocurrencies, and 44% of women say they are concerned about the risks involved. surrounding cryptocurrency investments.

Almost half of the surveyed users also said that the main challenge of investing in cryptocurrency is keeping up with the market and acquiring the necessary new skills and knowledge.

In addition to the above, women prefer to do their own research when investing in cryptocurrencies, with 39% of male investors saying they trust fundamental and technical analysis, while 58% of women saying they do their own research. Meanwhile, 49% of women investors report that they are motivated to invest and are not heavily influenced by friends, influencers, family members, or other traders.

And while women prefer to do their own research, they have less influence over other investors, as they have fewer real-life or online public conversations about cryptocurrency; Of those surveyed, only 24% of women are influenced by social media, while 19% are influenced by friends and family when making cryptocurrency investment decisions. The report stated the following:

“54% of women say they have influenced or inspired others to start their own cryptocurrency investments, which is lower than men.”

As cryptocurrency adoption continues to increase globally, nearly 40% of female investors expect more career opportunities and success stories in the cryptocurrency space.

Source: KuCoin Women’s Day Survey Report 2023

In addition to the above, the survey said: “Providing more communities, educational resources, and rewards for women is the most effective way to make the crypto market more female-friendly. [من] From a women’s point of view, having more crypto professionals and more women’s success stories in the field can make a real difference.”

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